No More Rubs and Tugs

No More Rubs so No MoreTugs

Safety Belt Comfort is a shoulder belt adjuster that holds the shoulder belt center on the shoulder bone so the creep that causes rubbing on the neck and chest from the movement of the car is stopped.

The product is very unique. No moving parts yet the more pressure on it the firmer it holds. It was safety tested.

What keeping the shoulder belt from moving means to you is your safety is enhanced should a crash occur. You are now wearing your belts as manufacturers suggest, tight on your lap, firm on your chest and on your shoulder bone. You are kept tight against your seat.  Holding you firm against your seat means your head does not go into the airbag as it would if your shoulder belt had slack in it or was not across your chest.

wearing seat belt too loose is not safe


As the car moves so does the shoulder belt.  Eventually, this causes discomfort for some and is intolerable for chest and shoulder surgery patients.  Some adjust it in an unsafe way and others ask for a medical exemption.

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install by wrapping around both shoulder belt and lap belt in lap belt area.  Move about 5 inches and release.   Belts are now positioned for comfort and safety.


Personal injury attorneys' separate injury by the shoulder belt from injury by the lap belt.  Shoulder belt injuries are to the shoulder, ribs, neck, chest and sternum.  Lap belt injuries are to the abdomen and spinal cord.

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Before adjuster and after adjustment


YES! it is very safe to install. 

The product was tested for compliance with manufacturer safety standards as well as being crash tested under Federal standards. 

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Install in the lap area.

Safety Belt Comfort for auto shoulder belt.

Install Once, Never have to Install Again

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