Wearing the shoulder belt in an unsafe manner leaves the passenger open to significant injury.  With this product you wear your belt properly - tight on your lap, firm on your chest and center your shoulder bone.

It is a trifold.  Wrap it around both the shoulder belt and lap belt in the lap belt area.  Slide it along these belts and the shoulder belt moves slightly.  It is now more off the ribs and more center to the entire spinal column.

                     Product is a trifold.          Install by wraping around both shoulder belt and lap belt and move it across so the shoulder belt is realigned more center in your chest area. Installs in the lap area and holds the shoulder belt firm.  Lap belt stays tight. Your safety is improved.

Shoulder belt injury results in damage to the ribs, torso and neck. By only moving the shoulder belt about 5 inches there is less damage to the ribs and by holding it firm there is less damage to the neck and torso.

The lap belt results in injuries to the abdomen and spinal cord.  Spinal cord injuries are caused by violent movement that twists or pulls.  Moving the shoulder belt more vertical puts it more aligned with the entire spinal column.  This results in less injury to the abdomen and lower back as impact is dispersed.

Installation Video