Initial product had a weak hook and loop strap.  Customers wanted a tighter hold and this was done. Amazon 5 star ratings increased exponentially with this one change.  Following are some 5 star comments of the 164 ratings:

By Diana S. December 20, 2019 - Can’t say enough nice things!

I spend as much time in my car traveling for work as I do in my bed sleeping. I put this on first thing when I got it and the pulled out for Chicago from Indy. I cannot tell you how awesome this small change in my seatbelt constantly rubbing the side of my neck was on the way to work. The reason for the picture..... the peace of mind the manufacturer’s printed statement gave me! Can’t say enough nice things about this product!

By Jennifer R. December 19, 2019 Good Product

 I didn’t understand how to install... but now that I have it in correctly I love it

By  Someone who doesn't like seatbelts December 13, 2019 Great product

 No matter what I drive my truck or a bus all the seat belts ride up in my face because I seat close to the Steering wheel

 By Alissa S. November 2, 2019 -Comfortable

These helped after having surgery

 By Susan T. October 19, 2019 –No more neck rubbing

Finally I don't have my shoulder harness driving me crazy. I am short and it was rubbing my neck. This adjusts it to a comfortable position.

 By Quell October 17, 2019 –Perfect for seat belt comfort

I love that seatbelt no longer chokes me or smashes my right breast lol. So far a great investment, a little pricey but worth it.

Other comments mention = easy to install, works great, well made, keeps away from my neck, stops cutting neck and rubbing into my neck…

 By Z:  12/03/2018 Update: -Now totally worth it!

***UPDATE June 2019*** Still 5 stars

I have not had to undo/open up the new wider Velcro since I started using the new wide Velcro strap version. I’ve used them in both cars now for at least 4 months. The original version gave out completely by the 3rd month due to constantly having to adjust the seatbelt and open up the skinny Velcro. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to keep their seatbelt in just the right place without discomfort, hassle or loss of safety.

 By efreeland –Saves me from possible decapitation …

Seatbelts never sit where they are supposed to, no matter the in-car adjustments. If I ever got in an accident, I was sure the seatbelt would decapitate me. This solves the problem, and I can easily take it with me if riding in a friends car.

 By Love Amazon  -LOVE THIS ITEM!

This is one of the best things I've ever purchased. Seat belt straps are always cutting into my neck and this little gadget is perfect for redirecting it. It's smaller than it looks in the picture. It's not obtrusive at all and just fits over the straps. You can slide it back and forth to position it in the right place and you will need to do that every time you get in the car as it shifts a bit when buckling and unbuckling but it's super easy to slide and once you’re driving, it stays where you put it. It's soft so it doesn't hurt your tummy or hip bones and since I attached it, I haven't had to remove it. It just stays on the straps when you get out of the car and hangs perfectly with the straps. It's doesn't get in the way of anything. The Velcro is very skinny but it holds. If you need one of these for multiple cars or straps, I would just but one for each vehicle or strap so you don't have to remove and reinstall, risking the Velcro losing it's grip. LOVE THIS ITEM!

 By Spiral 42 -Ahhhhhhhhhhh

I LOVE this seat belt adjuster. Before buying it I was constantly having to jerk and adjust my seat belt. I am a shortie and even with the adjustment in my car it was constantly digging into my neck. Now I just hook up and the belt goes exactly where I want it to. It is simple as pie to install and you can adjust it by just sliding on the belt after you buckle up. I most definitely recommend this for anyone who has a problem with their seatbelt hitting them wrong.